Sean Snover

Brief info

Born in Massachusetts but raised on the backwoods ponds of southern New Hampshire, I've called this area home and honed my fishing skills since my family moved here when I was eight years old. I've been in a boat since before I could walk and talk, as my dad and his best friend were already deeply obsessed with bass fishing before I came along. I've been in a boat nearly every weekend of every summer of my life, with only a short slow down during my teens thanks to an obsession with freestyle BMX.

I spent most of my life fishing the same dozen or so small ponds my dad always brought me to, and only with some basic Texas rigged soft plastics. At one point in my early 20's, the obsession for fishing really took over. I wanted to learn more. Ever since then, I've spent most of my free time learning everything I can about bass fishing from every source available to me, and I don't see that drive to learn ever ending.

Over the last few years, I've made bass fishing videos on my YouTube channel for fun, but to also pay it forward and share the knowledge that I've learned along the way. Most of the information online is all geared towards southern style bass fishing, and while some of that information can be helpful for northern anglers, it's not perfect.

New England and all other northern cold water fishing states are vastly different from the fishing down south. I've dedicated the last few years to learning everything I can about northern cold-water bass fishing and sharing that information with others. Very few people have done that for this region, so I hope to fill that void for everyone looking to take their bass fishing to the next level in the northeast!