Andrew Knowlton

Brief info

I was born with a fishing pole in my hand. Well, close to it. My grandfather gave me a fishing pole just minutes after I was born, and that's where it all started. Okay, where it really started was when I was about three years old, when my grandfather began taking me trout fishing on a regular basis. As I got older, I started to ride my bike down to different ponds and streams, trying to catch as many fish as possible. From trout to sun fish and anything in between, they all were my favorite catch.

Until I caught my first bass.

When I was younger, my family moved to a lake house one town over from my current town and boy did that change my life. I would fish from sunup to sundown, every day, trying to catch bigger and bigger bass.

When I was around the age of 16, I met Sean at our town's skatepark through a mutual friend that also loved to fish. He invited me out fishing with them one weekend when he found out I shared his passion. Little did we know that 15 years later we would be where we are now.

From that point on we would frequently fish with our friend Josh joining in as well. I began to learn a lot from them, and I was determined to figure out this whole bass fishing thing. I left for a few years due to the navy but as soon as that was out of the way fishing took over my life. Sean and I have been fishing almost every Sunday and sometimes during the week, almost every week since that first trip he invited me out on.

I believe fishing has saved my life more times than I can count and every time I hear that drag scream, I can sense my grandfather looking down on me. It’s not always about the fish for me, but I suspect the same can be said for most people that fish.