About Us


603Bass was started to help shine the spotlight on the incredible bass fishing that New Hampshire and the northeast have to offer. We wanted to give back by passing on our knowledge to help others be more successful out on the water. There’s no shortage of general information about bass fishing, but very little of it is focused on what we experience in the north. What little coverage we do get is often based on our amazing summer fishing, but that’s only scratching the surface and doesn’t do justice to what bass fishing in the north is all about. The types of fisheries we have is as varied as our weather, which leads to a lack of stability in water temperature year-round. Combine this with the incredible amount of forage bass can feed on, and there’s huge amounts of information to be shared and learned.

Our goal isn’t simply to educate, though. We aim to enjoy ourselves and provide a few laughs along the way. While we strive to grow as anglers, we believe the best environment to learn in is one where people can have fun. New Hampshire bass fishing isn’t just about the chase for huge largemouth and smallmouth bass, it’s about the memories we create during our adventures. It’s about spending time in the beautiful scenery that New England has to offer. We hope to convey lessons learned, laughs had, and emotions felt with every trip out on the water.

At 603Bass, we’re well-traveled anglers with a never-ending passion for progression in our skills and our understanding of northeast bass fishing. The rules change every day, and we’re driven to not only overcome those obstacles, but to break down and communicate what we learn in ways that help others become better anglers.